Writing about Literature: A Brief, Printable Guide to Rules and Conventions

This printable resources outlines the basic rules and conventions for writing literary analysis essays.

The effort here was to condense an comprehensive stylistic overview of the literary analysis essay down to a two-sided printable document. And…it worked!

The resource can’t teach students on its own how to approach the task of writing a literary analysis essay, but what it can do is save teachers a lot of time re-explaining the basic rules by presenting a set of instructions and examples of writing about AND citing from literature.

Topics Included:

Page 1

– Literary Analysis Thesis Statements

– A Brief Description of the Goals of Literary Analysis Essays

Rules & Conventions On: using present tense, dealing with author names, attributing action to characters, and balancing summary with analysis.

Page 2

– Citing from Fiction: integrating quotations, attributing ideas to the author, leaving the author’s name out, attributing action and dialogue to characters, following up quotations with analysis, and examples of each.

– Citing from Poetry: how to use a line break and an example

– Citing from Plays: treating plays like prose, how and when to use a block quotation for an exchange between characters, and examples of each.

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